Join Our Joint Venture Partner Relationship Program!

Refer your customers to us and reap the rewards:

  • Reduce your own hassle and liability
  • Increase customer goodwill by providing them further benefits 
  • Receive recurring revenue via referrals
  • Receive revenue via installation assistance
  • Benefit from preferred pricing on SafeCall Phones

With our elevator industry exclusive Joint Venture program, we can take our all-inclusive service package directly to your customers. This program makes monthly savings and professional monitoring available to your customers and offers you a chance to increase your revenue from ADA phones while relieving you of the headaches associated with managing your customers phone service. 

What's so great about us?

  • 26 years experience monitoring phones
  • Monitoring thousands of phones today in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Operators fluent in 170+ languages
  • Emergency Dispatch shift leaders Advanced Emergency Medical (AEMD) certified
  • Phones made in the USA

Why do your customers care?

  • Cost savings via dedicated elevator phone line elimination
  • 24/7/365 professional monitoring
  • Added liability insurance
  • EVERY call digitally recorded, stored and are accessible indefinitely 
  • Phones become a fixed cost