Keeping Your Property Safe in All Areas, All the Time.

We know that as a Kings III customer, you hold your property safety and emergency response to a higher standard. Part of auditing your property for safety includes identifying key areas on the premises that may require additional safety measures and attention. 

Kings III offers our emergency response solution for all vulnerable property areas. Are you currently using us to our full potential? Are there other areas on your property that could benefit from the service you already trust?

Where else on your property would benefit from emergency phones?

The most common areas property managers have found emergency phones to be helpful include:

With 18 billion elevator trips in the U.S. annually, an elevator malfunctioning is inevitable. Getting stuck in an elevator is troublesome and, at times even unsafe, often amplifying or inducing other health conditions. Do you know how much your elevator phone costs you? 

Pools and building exteriors.
Outdoor phones are used for a variety of emergency calls. In many instances, pool phones are used for non-pool related emergencies, such as children needing assistance, domestic disputes, burglary, theft, etc.

Campuses and parking lots.
Over a 10-year period in the United States, 2000 people died in parking lots. The safety of outdoor pedestrians on your property is essential but not always at the forefront of your mind.

Stairwells, parking garages and areas of refuge.
These areas have higher traffic, but less visibility. Poor cellular signal often renders personal phones useless in this setting.

What sets Kings III apart from other emergency services?

A one-touch solution for your emergency needs.

As a reminder, our professional emergency dispatchers are fully trained and certified in emergency response services. They will talk tenants and building visitors through the necessary procedure to address immediate concerns during an emergency and dispatch the appropriate first responders as necessary, wherever the situation may arise on your property.

Why not provide the service you know and trust across all
vulnerable areas onsite?