Best Value Elevator Phone Monitoring Recommended by a Partner You Trust.


Why is On Guard Security Solutions Recommending Kings III?

Old school phone lines are obsolete and getting more and more expensive while technology is constantly improving. That is why OnGuard recommends Kings III for elevator emergencies. We use similar technology for our fire alarm panels because the digital cell is faster and better supervised than POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and it's less expensive by a lot. I have personally researched and used this platform with existing clients and I can vouch that they are happy. 

I think every elevator manager should give it a try. They don't require long-term contracts and are easy to work with. Tell 'em the OnGuard man sent you.

- On Guard Security Solutions Team

The Most Robust Emergency Communications Service

Customer Care

Our primary focus is serving the customer above all else. Keeping a current customer satisfied is more important than gaining a new one. Our 97%+ customer retention speaks for itself.

Low Cost, Best Value Provider

We are fully integrated to provide turnkey services. We design, engineer and manufacture our equipment, providing full maintenance and lifetime warranty. On top of this, what sets our service apart is our 24/7 state-of-the-art emergency monitoring.

Cellular Technology

A trend in the communications space is the elimination of analog telephone lines resulting in dramatically rising costs during the transition. Kings III cellular solution eliminates the need for costly dedicated lines for your life safety devices.

Risk Management

We are very much aware of the litigation
and liability risk in today’s business environment. Our digital recording and storing of all calls provide you with invaluable event details for heading off potential litigation.