The Tenant Experience: Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

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Getting Valuable Tenant Feedback

The best way to increase tenant satisfaction is to go straight to the source. Discover how to get constructive and meaningful feedback through asking the right questions at the right time.

Utilizing Your Employees

If you want a happy tenant, start with happy staff.  Your employees directly interact with your tenants on a regular basis. Get tips on how to empower them to create pleasant and memorable interactions with visitors onsite.

Mastering Damage Control

It's the way of life: things can and do go wrong, no matter how prepared you are. What matters is how you follow up. See how to get your tenants back on your side after a mishap, such as an appliance malfunction or elevator entrapment.

... And More!

This guide dedicates 19 pages to the art of tenant experience to help you feel fully comfortable and equipped to make the moves towards improving your property's environment, and consequently, its renewal rate.