Welcome! The best relationships are partnerships and we want to start this one off right. We tried to think of all the questions you might have; who you would need to ask or where you would need to look to find an answer and put together this page as a resource to do just that.  Make it easy on yourself by bookmarking it now and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything at all. 

Helpful Numbers to Have On Hand 

Emergency Dispatch Center




Service & Install









IMPORTANT: When we call you the caller ID will read 972.462.0611

Please make sure your on-site team is aware as this includes emergency notification calls from our EDC. 


Friendly Reminders and Other Useful Information

When you signed your agreement, the welcome email included the installation timeline to align expectations on next steps. We've simply included this again here for easy reference. 

You can expect a call from our service team to schedule installation within five business days. Use the Installation Timeline (or Installation Timeline - Permit if your municipality requires a permit) to help you prepare for next steps in the process.

Want to view your invoice, review payment options, sign up for ACH or link your accounts?  Here's your chance.   Click on the My Account button to do just that.

Have questions regarding an incident on your property?  Please call our Emergency Dispatch Center at 866.807.3545 to speak with our team or request a call recording.

As an on-site safety amenity, it is important to test your emergency phones on a regular basis. Learn more about how and when to do that here.

We want to make sure your calls are handled the way you want them to be and that we are notifying the proper staff on your team.  You've already  submitted  your call list but if anything changes, please let us know by updating your account information here. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to update us when your designated emergency contacts change, including your elevator company. 


Comprehensive Phone Safety Solutions

Have you thought about where else on your property would benefit from emergency phones?
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